Calling all Festival superfans!


We know you’re out there… you collect Festival magnets from each year’s event, you go to 10+ programs each year, and you plan your vacations around the Festival dates.

Your devotion to the Festival means the world to us. But now, we need your help. Through a new initiative at Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, we are in the process of having the entire history of the Book Festival archived.

Over the years, we’ve saved many things but please let us know if you have a copy of either of the following that you can lend us for a couple weeks, after which they will be returned to you:

  • printed schedule for the 1998 Festival
  • printed schedule for the 2008 Festival

If you have either/both of these schedules, please email Sarah Lawson.

In addition to our gratitude, the first person who provides us with a copy of the schedule for each of the years listed above will receive a complimentary Virginia Festival of the Book tote bag (right) as a token of our appreciation.